Atop a jetty rock I stand, fragile flyrod in my hand, trying to ignore the surgethat breaks to spray me on the verge. I need to climb still further out to cast, but I am filled with doubt: I hesitate in fear -- I freeze and tremble in the ocean breeze.  Am I too old, […]

After Life

You always thought you would die and then be resurrected to live again. Or you lost someone you loved so much you invented Heaven to stay in touch. Or you simply refused to believe your soul could just disappear down some black hole. Or maybe you chose to believe that spark would go with your […]

The Experiment

The Physicist, a lovestruck knight comports himself with honour at the tournament Experiment in hope that Lady Nature, lovely, chaste, mysterious maiden, charmed by his heroic deeds, will twirl with delight and let her gown slip open briefly to reveal a glimpse of breast or flash of thigh. The Chemist is a rogue who cares […]


The magnanimous animus selects, smiles in our hearts, gently parts the inner lips of intellect and plunges us through each the other's oceanic experience. Minds are chaste and wanton, always open, wishing to be entered and filled, to fill and enter and bring forth, godlike, creations of light.   1989

Black Hole

I tried to light the emptiness a dozen billion years; I'm tired of burning now. My incandescence dies. Out of the changes in my heart neutrinos rise and swarm, preparing to carry away my will to be warm. They fly. I                 im plode folding down upon myself like a detonated building more inward than imagination. […]

Big Bang

In                                         nothingness the ur-point explodes mattering violently shattering vacuum into         spaces. Suns     plummet     incessantly     away, spacetime swirls into temporary planets, order is hurled into entropy. Occasionally carbon cools and catches atoms, forges chains and rings in chaos -- then the double helix forms, a local departure from the Laws; fingers […]

The Parrot

(Apologies to Edgar Allan Poe.) For my own retirement party, 03 Nov 2012.   Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, bleak and bleary, Over many a faint and phoney answer to a midterm question, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of someone gently rapping, capping off my indigestion. […]

That One Talent

"Death to hide?" Oh please, give me a break. Nobody cares, or even should, if you can make a poem of your worst mistake. Go think of things more practical to do. Your soul is bent indeed, like Narcissus, to serve therewith your ego, nothing more. If you could meet your Maker at the bus […]