Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Democratic Party? 

Fuck you.  You know the answer.

You are advised not to speak disrespectfully to this Committee.  

Or what?  You’ll put me away for longer?  Or maybe a firing squad — I hardly care any more, living in this pitiful excuse for a country is unendurable now.

Perhaps you’d prefer to be questioned in Guantanamo?  

So, you admit to being a Democrat.  With whom have you colluded in this treason?  

Treason?  Seriously?  Ten years ago half the country were Democrats!

Fake news.  Illegal immigrants registering a hundred times each.  

Oooh, that hit a sore spot, didn’t it?

We will not be baited, sir.  Name your accomplices!  

Well, let’s see… there was Andrew Jackson, of course, and then Woodrow Wilson, FDR and…

Recent accomplices.  I very much doubt you were around in 1932 or 1912, much less 1800.  

Well, how about Barack Obama?

Aha!  So you were part of the Great Conspiracy!  

Oh, for god’s sake, this is ridiculous.  I’ll just take the 5th on the rest of your questions.

Taking the Lord’s name in vain just increases your sentence.   And as you know, the 5th Amendment was repealed by President For Life Trump in 2019 after the unsuccessful coup attempt, along with all the other Liberal Nonsense about “Rights”.  Praise Him for freeing us from Political Correctness.  

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  1. Agent Rick says:

    And…do you still have family living in Amerika?

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