"Ladies and gentlemen, please. You can continue this discussion later if you see fit, but don't you think it would help us to know the whole story first?" Murmurs of protest. "No, no, we all know the facts; I submit that they are hardly relevant. What matters is not so much what happened as […]


I think it must have coalesced out of the Soup.  Something like that.  All I know is, for a long time there was just the Soup, nice and simple.  Well, actually I don't remember much about that time -- no detail, anyway.  You know; what's to remember?  But then suddenly I was aware of it.  […]


Ford was infinitely disgusted with the world; he had just finished reading "Lolita", and couldn't help being a little depressed, as a normal result of being disgusted with the world. "How," he thought, sipping a warm, hour-old whiskey sour and slapping the book down on the grass, "how could anyone write something as gross as […]