Will Freed

William Harris Freed was born in 2034 on the eve of the long awaited Singularity. By then the world was effectively dichotomized into various sects: those who swore allegiance to Nature's People versus those who put all their faith in the superior intelligence of CE's (Cybernetic Entities -- a term that embraced both pure machines […]

No One Else's Problem

In Chapter 3 of "Life, The Universe and Everything", Douglas Adams immortalized the idea of the "Somebody Else's Problem" field, which makes things invisible. We all tend to look at the world of politics and war through an S.E.P. field.  This has to stop. Consider the problem of Islamic terrorism: most non-Muslims feel that it […]


Academics pretend to believe that their writings are meant to transfer information intact from one mind to another. This is particularly ironic since they are so adept at preventing any such transfer, using ingenious obfuscatory language. But the model itself is deeply flawed. Words are intrinsically ambiguous, largely by design. When we read or hear […]

The Lover

"I tell you guys, that was the strangest case I ever had."  Mac Adams shook his head slowly and stared into his glass as if it held some secret wonder. Fred thought he was just mugging for effect.  "Come on, Mac, don't tease us. Strange how?"  They had all been buying pitchers and emptying them long enough to […]


The magnanimous animus selects, smiles in our hearts, gently parts the inner lips of intellect and plunges us through each the other's oceanic experience. Minds are chaste and wanton, always open, wishing to be entered and filled, to fill and enter and bring forth, godlike, creations of light.   1989

Black Hole

I tried to light the emptiness a dozen billion years; I'm tired of burning now. My incandescence dies. Out of the changes in my heart neutrinos rise and swarm, preparing to carry away my will to be warm. They fly. I                 im plode folding down upon myself like a detonated building more inward than imagination. […]

Big Bang

In                                         nothingness the ur-point explodes mattering violently shattering vacuum into         spaces. Suns     plummet     incessantly     away, spacetime swirls into temporary planets, order is hurled into entropy. Occasionally carbon cools and catches atoms, forges chains and rings in chaos -- then the double helix forms, a local departure from the Laws; fingers […]

The Parrot

(Apologies to Edgar Allan Poe.) For my own retirement party, 03 Nov 2012.   Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, bleak and bleary, Over many a faint and phoney answer to a midterm question, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of someone gently rapping, capping off my indigestion. […]