if on the odd occasion something stoops to sweep aside your granite benchmark boil your sleeping shadow's guts and leave you with a burnt medallion if this thing blinks out of a shot-through animal eye or if it wakes from tickled loins or in the judgement of your ape or in the nightmare of your […]

Swallow Dog

I trip on the shadow of some black Other fluttering in the corner of my eye. It is not unfriendly, it wished only to remind to write what I have seen. I saw in the same twilight minutes ago, swallows skimming the surface of a reedy pond. They convinced me not to look directly at […]


The call caught them all across the Aleutians. In the middle of scooping krill they heard the sound of a wordless shiver tickling skein and milt. They eased to South. They ate hard across the huge current slashing herring ritualistically in a dance of secret steps. As each found far out a tiny scent of […]


Quicksilver flash, in the reel's screech you rush from your green shadow into this rare air -- splash me to shock. You came here shrewd and wild home to this river not to eat hooks yet now we meet. Dance with the spirit of Poseidon against the persuasion of split cane -- soon, lovely alien, […]

The Rise

Between the watercress and the dream, Salmo trutta, you and I leap for a moment from this stream, cracking the factual shell of my eye. Out of the blink-held glitter of your gills you lift my vision to the deeper flow of another, wilder spring that spills echoing through the cosmos from the rock below. […]


A sodden mind sheds soggy morals off its duck's-back basis of relief. Squatting now upon their laurels years of yearning learning get relief. An open mind is fertile earth, ideas raining down on it at length; like land, it drinks when near its birth with gusto, turning moisture into strength. The summer mind's ideas flower, […]


The sun purred cautiously and stroked my back with claws now sheathed, battle-weary lion -- spiralled down black distant dots in shimmering thermals to their prey. While she fought the moon for the firmament, memories of grasses dried, died and sprung again. There was no game. Little life remained to cross my path; while time […]

The Swamp

I enter quick, Rabbit-scared of the dry sticks, Crackling reeds and weeds, once-watered sedge; Dry fear, dangerous, eats at the swamp's crisp edge. With the muddening of the earth My scampering softens to a slink; Lungs reach tenderly to touch the humus stink, Shrink, but stay; I give dead stumps less berth. Gracefully crawling now […]

Public Image

Now Deep in the muddled reaches of Nearly landlocked inlet tide Rises in dark a desolate verdant mountain, Mangrove-ringed, a peak of motionless pine; Buoyed on the salt-sweet oyster-studded mud, its speech Whip-poor-wills peacefully through the night, Whispers the substance is not in sight. Bathed in the carbon light that leers from the human beach, […]


The pilot of the droning plane above cannot conceive the lazy summer sound his craft's exploding pistons leave to swim through waves of warmth to us, who, watching far below, in turn cannot conceive the kinesthesia he must know. Sit and listen, how the swimmers splash across the lake; they can never step away and […]